IE8… sorry, must have dozed off

One last Microsoft bash, before I move on to another target…

It looks like the “New and Exciting Features” coming to Internet Explorer 8 are more things I never asked for, and which do absolutely nothing to close the usability gap between IE and Firefox.

  • Activities? Yet another way for Web sites to annoy me, while attempting to sell me services I don’t want and won’t use.
  • WebSlices? Yet another way for Web sites to annoy me, while… wait, didn’t I just say that?
  • Favorites Bar? So, renaming an existing UI element makes it a new feature? Or is this yet another Vista-ish reshuffle of controls to ensure I don’t get too comfortable with the way I do things?
  • Automatic Crash Recovery? What, IE crashes?? And in what way is this better than the similar (but more configurable) feature I’ve been enjoying in Firefox (especially with plugins like TabMix Plus?)
  • Safety Filter? So, renaming the Phishing Filter makes it a new… wait, didn’t I just say that? (And that?) Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the filter continues to send all your surfing info to Microsoft, so I’m afraid I don’t feel any safer.
  • No More Bullets…? Yep, that’s all folks.

That’s right: a full integer revision in the numbering, from 7 to 8, for these five count ’em five heart-stopping features. Well, actually, Microsoft’s site does say these are just “some” of the features we can look forward to. So there may be more. But what’s the betting these really are the exciting ones?

At this point, the only feature that would let IE8 catch up on Firefox would be a Mass Hypnosis plugin.


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