Outlook lookout

What is it with the spam filter in Outlook??? (Yeah, I know… Outlook sucks. Except compared to everything else. When Thunderbird is ready, I’ll switch.)

What I’d like to do, is have Outlook move suspected spam to the Junk folder, so I can check it for false positives, but also delete much of the stuff that is obviously spam: messages with blank subjects, and messages with certain words (which you can guess for yourself) in the subject. I wrote a little Rule to do this, but guess what: it doesn’t work. My theory is that the spam filter runs first, and the Rule never gets applied to messages that have already gone to Junk.


I’d switch to Outlook 2007… I have a copy sitting on my shelf. But I recently tried it, and found it was worse than Outlook 2003 in some very important ways. (The vital “view all messages as text” option is gone, for example.) Figures.

Now I’m on the lookout for a good spam-filtering plugin. Unfortunately, the decent ones all seem to cost money. (In some cases, a rather inordinate amount of money.)


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