Can’t be wrong all the time!

I’d begun to believe that everything you get in email is baloney. But the Internet is unpredictable… and sometimes even correct.

Today I received in an email what purports to be a PC Magazine award-winning letter, complaining hilariously about the message “Have a happy period” printed by Procter & Gamble on its maxi pads. Funny, yes. But true? Well, never over-estimate the marketing mind. A few quick searches later, and I’ve found several posts confirming that the “happy period” message is quite real, and does indeed appear as described. Yikes!

Unexpectedly, I also found this blog post, which seems to be the original “letter” that started it all. An actual letter, from an actual person. Who’d have thunk it? Especially considering the number of sites that have picked this up verbatim, clearly without doing any checking whatsoever. (Almost none link back to the original article.)

However, the part about this “open letter” winning a PC Magazine award is still unconfirmed, despite repeated searches of the publication’s own site. If anyone can discover a link to PC Mag showing this embellishment to be either true or false, let me know…


One Response to Can’t be wrong all the time!

  1. bonsmots says:

    Yes, let me know if the PC Magazine award is true or not. I received the letter through an e-mail as well. I should have verified it myself before posting. Lesson learned.

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