2.0 2.0

The whole “YouNameIt 2.0” thing has gotten stale. Time to move on! What we need is to kick the whole concept up a notch, and fortunately, I have the answer: what I like to call “2.0 2.0.”

That’s right… instead of just renaming any old tired bullsh*t “BullSh*t 2.0,” now you can go way, way beyond… all the way to “BullSh*t 2.0 2.0.” It’s like the old “2.0,” only, like, you know, basically… even better. The 2.0 version of “2.0.” How great is that??

I mean, think about it! If “Web 2.0” was that much more amazing than just plain old “Web” (1.0), just try to imagine how unimaginably beyond supremely amazing “Web 2.0 2.0” is going to be!!!

Remember, you read it here first. As of right now, “2.0” is the new “1.0.” And “2.0 2.0” is the new “2.0.” Or something like that. (ISO standard pending.)

My only question is… will there be a “2.0 3.0”? Or do we go straight on to “3.0 1.0”? Either way, I’m sure it will be even more amazingly amazing than anything we’ve dared to imagine.

Gosh… I just love living in the future!


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