BlackBerry Z10: Wi-Fi Solved

I got Wi-Fi access working again. It turns out that I needed to go to the Identification on Network option, and set both my Username and Workgroup. Obvious enough… what really confused me was that networking worked for a while before failing. It’s also a shame that all these options aren’t in the same place in OS10.

By the way, if you want to use Wi-Fi sharing without entering your password and username every time, you’ll need to know how to make Windows remember your settings. Merely ticking the “Remember my credentials” box won’t do it. (I’m talking about Windows 7 here, though I seriously doubt the problem has been addressed in Windows 8.) If you go to the Control Panel and open Credential Manager, then click on the BlackBerry entry, you’ll find a line that says “Persistence: session.” That means when you log out (or reboot) your credentials disappear.

BlackBerry Z10 007 credentials BLUR

I found the solution months ago, when having the same problem with a network storage server. Here’s the gist of it:

  1. Sign in to your BlackBerry when asked to do so by Explorer.
  2. Open Credential Manager from Control Panel.
  3. Find the BlackBerry entry, open it, select Edit, then remove the domain name (all the extra junk) in front of your user name. Save.
  4. Log off Windows and log back in. Open Credential Manager again. (Your previous BlackBerry entry should be gone.)
  5. Try to open the BlackBerry again in Explorer. When asked, enter your username and password, but don’t check “Remember my credentials.”
  6. In Credential Manager, select “Add a Windows credential,” and enter your BlackBerry name (as shown in the Storage and Access menu), your username (without any of the extra domain stuff) and password. Save.

When you log on next time, you should find that you can connect to the BlackBerry without being asked for login info. In Credential Manager, you should see in the BlackBerry item the line “Persistence: Enterprise.” It may be possible to make this work without all the extra palaver, but this exact sequence seems to work reliably.

BlackBerry Z10 009 credentials CROP-BLUR

There’s another solution here. It involves using the Group Policy Editor, and seems much more elegant. But you’ll have to have one of the upscale versions of Windows 7; cheaper editions don’t include the Group Policy Editor. Other posts suggest that your Homegroup settings may cause slightly different behavior. If so, you may need to try one of the alternate fixes.

Is this all incredibly stupid? Yes. These idiotic problems have been accumulating in Windows for years, and are only rarely getting fixed. My folder of saved workarounds keeps getting bigger and bigger…


One Response to BlackBerry Z10: Wi-Fi Solved

  1. suraj says:

    my BlackBerry z10 wifi problem
    when I trying to connect to the wifi it’s drop the connection plz help me any have solution

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